Portfolio Reviews 2014

Once again Filter Photo is pleased to announce our 6th annual Portfolio Reviews as part of our 2014 Filter Photo Festival.


Participants sign up for twenty-minute face-to-face reviews and receive candid advice about their work, as well as information on getting their photographs exhibited and published. We are thrilled to have so many of our attendees walk away with connections that have led them to publishing their work, gallery shows, online exhibitions and the indispensable opportunity to network with their peers.

All Filter attendees receiving blocks of 5 or 8 portfolio reviews are encouraged to sign up for our annual Portfolio Walk, Saturday, September 27th where Filter VIPs will roam the room and the general public is invited to vote for their favorite portfolio for the 2014 Festival Portfolio Walk’s People’s Choice Award.


Check out what people are saying about the Filter Photo Festival!

My portfolio reviews were very encouraging and I made some great new connections thanks to Filter Photo Festival!
I know of no other venue that is able to impact serious photographers like Filter Photo. Though this was my first experience, I gained so much in my interactions with other professionals, their work and publications and their shared passion for the art of the printed image.
Thanks for another wonderful year. I left Filter Festival completely inspired and ready to take on new, more challenging and thoughtful projects. Looking forward to next year!
Filter Photo Festival will be my priority from now on. And you are to be commended for an EXCELLENT list of Portfolio Reviewers. As good as it gets.
The reviewers I had were great. They were all very helpful in their judgment of my work. I even managed to get the ball rolling on some opportunities down the road. I was very pleased with the professionalism of the reviewers.
I really enjoy the whole experience, From the seasoned industry reviewers to the incredible photographers and their work. Everyone I spoke with was impressed with the event and took a lot away from it all. It was a learning experience that I am very glad I took part in.
Filter Festival was a wonderful opportunity to not only meet with the professionals in the field but to also meet a wide range of other photographers. I found both experiences very satisfying.
Filter Photo Festival is a gem of an event. The programming continues to improve every year.