Jennifer DeCarlo

Director, jdc Fine Art


Jennifer DeCarlo has a strong connection to the photographic field through her work in commercial galleries and as a writer.  DeCarlo received her MFA from UW-Madison before taking a position as Assistant Director for Schneider Gallery, Chicago in 2007. After three years as Assistant Director with Schneider, DeCarlo moved to Southern California, where she gained perspective as a writer and independence as a gallerist. She wrote and managed social media for AIPAD (Association of Photography Art Dealers) for almost 4 years, established, and ran a gallery under her own name, jdc Fine Art for 6 years. As a gallerist, DeCarlo promoted some of the same artists she knew through Schneider; she also added new names to her roster. She has recently returned to the Midwest and teamed up with Martha Schneider, Schneider Gallery again. The gallerists now operate in tandem to represent a similar roster of artists and make programming choices together. This alliance brings 30 years of experience and the next generation of photographic art dealing together.


DeCarlo enjoys the review process and is able to help artists at all levels or progress points. Direct and fair, she is happy to assess resolved work, give feedback on work in progress, or help artists out of a creative-block. DeCarlo enjoys narrative, figurative work most. Any work that is content-driven is of interest to her. Landscapes and conceptual work are her least favorite work to engage.


Reviewing Thursday, September 21